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Alderton Duck Pond - Thank you to the Beaufort

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Alderton Duck Pond well known to us all was recently decimated and most of the ducks taken it is thought by a greedy and adventurous otter!  It was great therefore to have a thank you from Alderton Village following a donation made by the Beaufort. See below.

"I am writing to thank you for the very kind donation of £200 for the benefit of the Alderton Village Pond and Green. The donation has been recorded in the name of the Beaufort Hunt.

We have now added to the electric fences surrounding the pond and installed wire grills to the culverts. The security measures were completed about three weeks ago and we have not been aware of the otter since. He may of course still return if he exhausts the feeding grounds that he may have found elsewhere. Hopefully our defences will prove to be sufficient.

We have now repatriated most of the ducks that we had managed to save and took to a safe haven, although the four most expensive are still at the temporary home. During the summer, as we become confident that the otter has gone, we shall start to replace the ducks that we lost, but this process will take at least until the Autumn to complete. "

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