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  • - Nigel Maidment                               - Jo Aldridge

    The Beaufort Hunt, along with other hunts, have changed their rules to state:

    • That we intend to carry out only legal activities.
    • Farmers, Subscribers, Members and Followers have been informed to this effect.
    • Along with other hunts, we regard this as a temporary ban.
    • We will continue to campaign to prove that this ban is detrimental to animal welfare.
    • The Beaufort will continue to raise funds to pay for legal challenges.
    • We will continue to work towards maintaining employment both within the Hunt as well as related trades.
    • The Beaufort Hunt intends to maintain a workable pack of hounds to keep the Beaufort bloodlines that are renowned across the United Kingdom and indeed worldwide.
    • We are determined to keep our community together.
    • We will continue to raise funds for local charities.