West of England Hound Show
The last of the summer hound show trips saw the Beaufort hounds go west and down to Honiton to compete in the popular West of England Hound Show. Captain Farquhar had the honour of being Hound Show President this year but we were still able to show. The doghounds were judged by Nigel Peel MFH from the North Cotswold together with Toby Coles MFH of the West Norfolk. The bitches were judged by Adam Waugh MFH of the College Valley and Charlie Shirley-Bevan of the Tynedale. It was good to see the hounds get in amongst the ribbons despite strong competition.

1st in the Best Couple Unentered with Poacher and Poldark. Poldark was Reserve Unentered Champion.
3rd in the Best Couple of Entered Hounds with Harvard and Hawker.
1st in the Best 2 Couple Entered with Radar Raglan, Rancher and Fontwell.
1st in the Stallion Hound class with Folkestone and 3rd with Harvard Radar won the Doghound Championship

4th in the Best Couple of Unentered with Pocket and Botany.
3rd in the Best Couple of Entered Hounds with Paleface and Raspberry.
3rd in the Best 2 Couple Entered with Forage, Raspberry, Rally and Paleface.
1st in the Brood Bitch Class with Rascal





Puppy Show 2017
Last year everyone, judges, hunt staff and spectators were soaked to the skin as the rains came down. 2017 thankfully was little kinder with a light breeze and sunshine, perfect showing conditions.
With guests from far and wide it was also good to welcome a great number of hunt staff from around the country.
Kennel Huntsman Nick Hopkins and his team did a fine job showing the young hounds and judges Martin Scott and Nigel Peel MFH had their work cut out selecting the best.
The eventual winners were :
Dogs - Poacher walked by Mrs R. Brack
Bitches - Porridge walked by Mrs R. D. Montgomerie

Beaufort's trips to Builth and Peterborough Welsh Hound Show
One of the highlights of the summer for the Beaufort Hunt is their annual trip to the Welsh Hound Show at Builth Wells held at the end of June. Hunts and supporters from far and wide attend this popular show with its array of hounds ranging from beagles, fell hounds, foxhounds and the woolly Welsh hounds. In all classes the competition is red hot with huntsman vying to show off their best against one another. This year we were in the "bridesmaid" brigade as far as results were concerned, but it is always a delight to go to Builth, and a strong team of Beaufort supporters made the long drive over the Bridge and into the heart of Wales. The lunchtime picnic is fun, but in a tradition started by Beaufort joint master Captain Farquhar, nothing beats the singing and the conviviality around the Beaufort lorry at the end of the day. First the Welsh with their wonderful voices and national songs, then when we feel braver, the rest of us joining in with rousing choruses and old hunting songs - unforgettable - and a mark of the strong community that is the world of hunting.

Poacher was Reserve Unentered Champion.
Radar and Rancher were First in the Entered Couple Hawker Harvard Hailstone and Pegasus were Second in the Entered Two Couple Folkestone was Third in the Stallion Hound Class Radar was Reserve Champion

Botany was First in the Unentered Championship
Magpie and Rainbow were Second in the Entered Couple.
Pardon, Rally, Raspberry and Paleface were Second in the Two Couple Entered.
Forage was Second and Bombshell 4th in the Brood Bitch Class.
Botany was Reserve Champion.

Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show
Peterborough is the pinnacle of hound shows in the UK. Doing well here is a bit like Crufts and packs from across the country attend all hoping to claim a rosette of one colour or another! Captain Farquhar was judging the bitches this year so we were unable to show in the afternoon and took the doghounds only. A jolly band of Beaufort supporters again made a long journey to Cambridgeshire to enjoy the Festival of Hunting and see Beaufort Radar win the stallion hound class and then go on to become Reserve Doghound Champion.


Hounds have been kennelled at Badminton since 1640 but the pedigree records have only been kept up since the mid 1700's. The furthest back an individual hound can be traced generation for generation is 1743, 54 generations in all. This makes the foxhound one of - if not the - most chronicled animal in the world today. During this time they have been systematically bred for the sole purpose of hunting the fox with an emphasis on nose, stamina, and character. All the puppies bred at Badminton are put out to walk on farms at 6-8 weeks and some of the puppy walkers are the 3rd and 4th generation of families to do so. The fact that they live with a family for their formative months helps bring out their genetic friendliness. Anyone who has visited a kennel or seen hounds at a show surrounded by children can vouch for this. Hounds are the most magical animals to work with. The Beaufort Hounds are also famous for their conformation - in particular their size and quality. They win prizes at all major hound shows and their blood lines are in demand in many other kennels in this country as well as America, Canada, Australia and Europe. Their consistent size and quality owes much to the fact that they have been bred by one family since their inception, and to the selective breeding programme carried out by 'Master' the 10th Duke for sixty years. He controversially introduced a Welsh outcross in the 1930s through a Brecon Bitch Petrel 32, now one of the strongest female lines in the Kennel. More recently there have been a number of Welsh outcrosses, in particular Pl√Ęs Machynlleth Miller 63, through New Forest Medyg 69, an outcross which produced a famous stallionhound, and Peterborough Champion Duke of Beaufort's Monmouth 77. When Captain Ian Farquhar arrived from the Bicester in 1985, he brought another Welsh outcross with him, from a pack called the Vale of Clettwr, passed down notably in the Beaufort Kennel through Farrier 84 , who also has the New Forest Medyg line. The Welsh blood has recently been added to again by using a stallionhound from the famous David Davies Welsh pack, Bouncer 94.

In 2004 the Duke of Beaufort's celebrated its 50th Peterborough Championship win. This is quite a feat, the nearest rival the Heythrop with 27 champions over that time since 1887. Since 2004 the Beaufort have added seven more championships to the tally and indeed scored a unique consecutive run of Doghound championships from 2002 to 2006 inclusive. Below is a list of those champions from Badminton and the year they were made champion. The year or numbers after their name denote the name they were entered, which is important and saves confusion, for example in 1960 Duke of Beaufort's Palmer 59 was champion while his name sake Palmer 02 was champion in 2003 and another Palmer 83 was champion in 1985. Being champion does not necessarily mean they are the best working hound, but it does mean that the judges at the time considered them the best looking hound. However, it has always been Capt Farquhar's policy to breed from only the best workers. ( Martin Scott)

Bobcat with Halifax at Left with Halifax on Right (Photos courtesy Emma Farquhar)

Below is a list of Beaufort Peterborough Champions.    * = Sire and Dam Champions.
Year Hound Sire Dam
2013 Rapture12 VWH Rancher 09 Footloose 09
2011 Doynton 09 Bailey 03* Dubious 05
2010 Doublet 09 Bailey 03* Dubious 05
2009 Farrier 2007 VWH Darius 04 Faction 03
2008 Halifax 2006 Bailey 03* Fanfare 01
2008 Bobcat 2007 Bailey 03* Boniface 04
2006 Bombadier 2004 Boycott 02 Garlic 00
2005 Gamecock 2004 Whipsnade 01* Gannet 00
2004 Bailey 2003 Heythrop Busby 96* Patience 98*
2003 Palmer 2002 Whitbread 97 Paleface 98
2002 Whipsnade 2001 Pelican 97 Whiting 97
2002 Galaxy 2002 VWH Gardner 95 Paleface 98
2000 Foxham 1999 Heythrop Forelock 96 Album 96
1999 Patience 1998 Roscoe 95 Passion 93
1996 Marlin 95 Mostyn 92 Damage 91
1995 Peewit 94 Exmoor Pewter 89 Parsnip 89
1992 Ranger 90 Cottesmore Starter 85 Rapture 85
1985 Palmer 83 Firebrand 79 Patchwork 80
1985 Wagtail 84 Deacon 81 Wamba 78
1982 Whimsey 82 Carbine 76 Wamba 78
1981 Ticket 78 Cracker 72 Treacle 75
1978 Monmouth 77 New Forest Medyg 69 Crimson 72
1977 Candid 75 Bugler 71 Crafty 72
1976 Culprit 75 Crowner 69 * Canopy 70
1975 Foreman 74 Crawley and Horsham Farley 70 Gravel 71
1976 Pontiff 70 Heythrop Cockspur 66 Posy 63 *
1972 Gimcrack 70 Gaffer 68 Penance 66
1972 Gravel 71 Gaffer 68 Beryl 66
1971 Crowner 69 Heythrop Craftsman 62 * Warfare 65
1971 Crumpet 69 Heythrop Craftsman 62 * Warfare 65
1968 Beadle 66 Heythrop Bacchus 60 Posy 63 *
1967 Budget 66 Heythrop Bachus 62 Comet 63
1965 Posy 63 Palmer 59 * Dainty 60
1963 Bugler 62 Brimstone 58 Doleful 57
1960 Palmer 59 Portman Pedlar 55 Precious 53
1960 Woeful 60 Woodcock 55 Tendril 56
1959 Brimstone 58 Heythrop Brigand 54 Temple 54
1959 Baroness 58 Tetrarch 52 Bangle 54
1958 Doormat 57 Distaff 52 Parable 54
1956 Dresden 53 Proctor 50 Dressy 48
1954 Distaff 52 Grimston 49 Dabchick 46
1953 Gravel 51 Granby 48 Protest 44
1952 Ringbolt 50 Portman Primer 47 Rita 45
1951 Rector 47 Ringwood 45 Problem 44
1950 Remus 47 Ringwood 45 Problem 44
1946 Landsman 45 Landlord 43 Starlight 42
1939 Darnley 37 Pontiff 33 Damson 33
1936 Pelican 35 Ardent 30 Petrel 32
1935 Chaser 30 Chirper 27 Wagtail 26
1934 Fencer 32 Ardent 30 Folly 24
1934 Pamela 32 Ardent 30 Patience 26
1932 Autocrat 32 Ardent 30 Wagtail 26
1932 Peerless 31 Rattler 26 Promise 25
1927 Wildboy 23 Watchman 20 Wishful 20
1925 Rustic 23 Belvoir Wicklow 16 Rumour 19 *
1920 Rumour 19 Cardinal 13 Belvoir Russet 12
1914 Caroline 13 Challenger 07 Waitress 10
1899 Rapture 1899 Councillor 1895 Rarity 1896